Many representatives across the publishing fields describe the present editions of e-books as poorly designed and not fully exploring the new media potential. The Swedish researcher in comparative literature, Alexandra Borg (she has written extensively about digital reading, e-books and the digital turn in publishing), describes the situation in the newspaper SVD “The reason why e-books are poorly designed is easy. The software for producing e-books is limited. These programs are often open source, free to use and therefore not very advanced.” In 2015 I initiated The Reading School, as we began to investigate the act of reading – in this context ‘reading’ means reading text, images and our surroundings as well. Reading in our part of the world is often associated with the book as one unit. In my investigation I’m focusing on new upcoming technology in order to find different ways of mediate and re-mediate content. The group of invited guests meets up three times a year to examine practical experiment together with experts within the field.

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.