Design in selection

Design of the AIO Journal for Art Inside Out

Design of the platform She’s a Show with poet Mette Moestrup and musician Miriam Karpantschof

Webdesign for the architect Jonathan Houser

Website made for the artist Michala Paludan

Metamorphoses exhibition space in collaboration with curator Vilma Luostarinen

Kluster för en självorganiserad samtidskonst with Henrik Sputnes and Petra Johansson

Webdesign made for the artist Ditte Soria

Lige – a Festschrift with the designer Elias Werner and Søren Wibroe

Visual design for the exhibition Bodystories together with the webdeveloper Søren Wibroe

Art Direction and webdesign for Merja Hannele Ulvinen together with Søren Wibroe

Lectures / Workshops

Workshop together with artist Marie Raffn ‘The reader, the writer and the robot’ at Bibliothek Andreas Züst in March, St. Anton

Lecture and workshop on the topic ‘An investigation of publishing and editorial work in a digital sphere’ at Valand Academy, Gothenburg

Talks She’s a Show at Open Week 2017 together with musician Miriam Karpantschof and poet Mette Moestrup and a workshop with type designer Linda Hintz. OW – powered by HDK, Gothenburg

Talk at: ‘Litteraturselskabet ved Sorte Hest’ presents She’s a Show, Copenhagen

Skype talk session and screening with The Reading School and Jenna Sutela at Annual Reportt, Copenhagen

Lecture and workshop at Valand Academy, Gothenburg

Mini-symposium at Officin: Working on the Internet, organized by The Reading School, Copenhagen

Lecture and workshop at HDK, Gothenburg

Speaker at POST Design Festival about the new editorial process, Copenhagen

Lecture at Bonnierförlagen in visual mediation, at the seminar Code(ex): Media Conversion, Stockholm

Lecture at KADK in visual mediation, department of Visual Communication, Copenhagen

Editorial / Curatorial

OW Journal

The Reading School

The Reading School

Many representatives across the publishing fields describe the present editions of e-books as poorly designed and not fully exploring the new media potential. In 2015, The Reading School was initiated to encouraging a new experimental way of communication. With an open minded working environment we began to investigate of the act of reading – in this context ‘reading’ means reading text, images and our surroundings as well. Reading in our part of the world is often associated with the book as one unit, however in our investigation we’re focusing on new upcoming technology, in order to find different ways of mediate and re-mediate content.

The Reading School is a social platform to create workshops and talks, inviting the public to engage with these topics. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to initiate a collaboration.

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

SPLISH – Smart Publishing

“What if your imagination was not constrained by your ability to create? We use new technologies to let you reimagine possibilities and open portals of time and space”

Initiated by Hanna Bergman, Creative Director
Team consists of Ethan Cooper (CEO), Martin Elvar (CTO) and Daniel Zastrow

More information to come...

Supported by Innovation Fund Denmark.

Vera a Book

Vera is a short story told on the website through text, image and sound. The digital narrative shifts between various perspectives in both storytelling and format, causing a slight displacement in the readers perception.

The intention of the website is to explore new ways of telling and reading a story. Using the various forms of expression inherent on digital platforms, the book plays with the reciprocal influence and relation of strength between the senses.

The website was created during a stay at Sasso Residency in the mountains of Vairano. A setting where the tension between the physical presence of nature and the abstract character of digital media seemed particularly strong.

Vera a Book is created together with Matilde Maria Rasmussen (2014)

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.