Fem frågor by Henrik Sputnes in AIO Journal #5 2018

Boken på huvudet is an article about smart phones, The Reading School and new publishing structures in Verk No 01, 2018

The Reading School is presented in the OW Journal at Gothenburg Design Festival 2017

The Reading School is mentioned in the academic report Human IT Vol 13, No 3 (Human IT – Journal for Information Technology Studies as a Human Science): ‘Bokmediets omvandling – en lägesrapport’ by Alexandra Borg and Pelle Snickars

Interview in Grafill 2016:
‘Leseskolen’ by Kristina Ketola Bore

Article in Tecknaren #2 2015:
s. 6, ‘Formen som utgångspunkt’ by Sara Teleman

Interview with Laurenz Brunner and Hanna Bergman in ‘The Most Beautiful Swiss Books’ 2014, s. 155, ‘How to print CMYK on Black Paper’ by Simone Koller and Corina Neuenschwander